Oliver Osborne drops Propaganda

Oliver Osborne returns to Souta Musik with the deep melodic single Propaganda.

Oliver Osborne drops Propaganda Photo by Souta Musik

A slow-burning and sultry affair, "Propaganda" patiently develops with Oliver Osborne’s stripped-back drum work at the center. A soulful vocal and fluttering synth take turns rearing their head while the unrushed bassline marches on, making the track well-placed to ease in crowds into the night.

Supported by the likes of &ME, Rampa, Be Svendsen, Stefano Ritteri, and Culoe De Song, Oliver Osborne has established himself as a producer of note. Now based in Toronto, Oliver cut his teeth in London, where he played at notable clubs such as Fabric, Corsica Studios, and 93feet East.

Prior to this, a nearly 10-year period in South East Asia saw him establish a robust gig schedule around the region alongside a string of releases on labels like Cacao Records, Souta Musik, and his own Eyes To The Front.

Oliver Osborne - Propaganda
Release Date 13th January 2023
Label Souta Musik

01. Propaganda

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