Plato & Caves (Additional Remixes) by Andy Martin feat. Gavsborg

Mole Audio's first release, Plato & Caves by Andy Martin feat. Gavsborg gets a vinyl reissue alongside new remixes from Dub War & Mad Magnetism.

Plato & Caves (Additional Remixes) by Andy Martin feat. Gavsborg Photo by Mole Audio

Initially released in 2019 as Mole Audio's inaugural EP, Andy Martin's "Plato & Caves" successfully combines futuristic techno with Latin Caribbean dub sounds. The Mexican-Jamaican artist's unique perspective on the genres saw the track get picked up by artists like Charlotte De Witte, Syberkid, Laksa, and many more while gracing the dancefloors of institutions like Fabric, Tresor, and Berghain. Its iconic status now prompts a reissue on wax, featuring the original and Nit Yardman versions from the previous iteration on the A-side and fresh remixes from Dub War and Mad Magnetism on side B.

Following on from the Nit Yardman mix, Andy Martin's alter ego in which he explores classic dub concepts using modern sounds and tools, UK dubstep phenomenon Dub War delivers a deeply psychedelic remix incorporating slow breakbeats and raw, overpowering low-end. The duo consists of Horse Power Productions' Benny Ill and South London HiFi's Bill Robin, two artists with a wealth of experience who have performed together under various aliases since the early 90s. Mole Audio co-founder Didier Dlb's Mad Magnetism project then closes out this excellent remix package showcasing modern nuances in dub music, turning the track into a four-to-the-floor basement burner.

Andy Martin feat. Gavsborg - Plato & Caves (Additional Remixes)
Release Date 30th June 2023
Label Mole Audio

01. Plato & Caves (Original Version)
02. Plato & Dubs (Nit Yardman Version)
03. Plato & Caves (Dub War Remix)
04. Plato & Caves (Mad Magnetism Version)

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