Rebirth (LP) by Jazzuelle

A little over a year after his stunning debut album, Get Physical proudly announced a second full length from South African electronic recording artist Jazzuelle called Rebirth.

Rebirth (LP) by Jazzuelle Photo by Get Physical Music

Jazzuelle deals in organic, earthy house music that is cerebral and spiritual. His second album is a development of that across 12 masterfully cohesive tracks that feature guests like Lars Behrenroth, Jonny Miller, Shimza, The Jinn and more. DJs like Dixon and Osunlade play his records for their slow burning but lasting impact, and as a graduate of the RBMA Bass Camp and festivals like Glastonbury and Sonar, he is one of the most interesting artists in the house world right now, for good reason.

The exquisite "For Maneo" opens up with celestial ambient synth work that sets a beautiful scene before the deep grooves start rolling on the deft "Glitch 3D" and long legged "The Jinn". The persuasive drum programming is paired with yawning synth smears that reach up to the heavens and "Vega" then shows off more modulated synth work that sounds like fireflies buzzing about in a night sky as succulent drums hypnotise you below.  

Always warm and atmospheric, "Proxima" is another perfectly pared back and dreamy piece of deep house. "Supernova" shows off more delicate, thought provoking synth work and gentle shaker sounds that sink you further into a romantic late night mood and "Objectivity" bends, melts and warps neon synths round a skeletal but infectious groove complete with subtle hand claps. Subtle variation in the moods and grooves keep you locked into this most organic of albums as it plays out through more cosmic deep house on "Undercurrents", "Rebirth" and swirling cut "The Shadow People".

This is a perfectly meditative album of superb electronic music that places you in a wide open space and encourages you to gaze up to the stars. There is a spirituality to the pads and a real sense of awakening throughout that makes it compelling from start to finish.  As such, Rebirth is set to be one of the standout albums of 2018, and another fine achievement for both Jazzuelle and Get Physical.

Jazzuelle - Rebirth (LP)
Release Date
August 2018
Label Get Physical Music

01 Jazzuelle - For Maneo
02 Jazzuelle feat. Fka Mash - Glitch 3D
03 Jazzuelle - The Jinn
04 Jazzuelle feat. Dwson - Vega
05 Jazzuelle feat. Lars Behrenroth - Proxima
06 Jazzuelle feat. Jonny Miller - Supernova
07 Jazzuelle - Objectivity
08 Jazzuelle - Undercurrents (Original Mix)
09 Jazzuelle feat. Shimza - Rebirth
10 Jazzuelle - The Shadow People
11 Jazzuelle - Flares
12 Jazzuelle - Motionless

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