Spherax Records presents Music Go EP

The 55th release on Spherax Records sees Queen & Heart making their debut for the label with their 3 track Music Go EP.

Spherax Records presents Music Go EP Photo by Spherax Records

Haim Lev & Guy Malka are two up and coming Israeli producers that make up the Queen & Heart production duo. With a track already signed to Iboga Records Queen & Heart are set to make a huge mark on the new school progressive house scene over the second half of 2012. The 55th release on Spherax Records sees Queen & Heart making their debut for the label with their 3 track 'Music Go' EP.

The EP begins with the title cut 'Music Go' which comes on with a furious energy right out of the gate. The waves of percussion and galloping bass line set an infectious rhythm early on and with a quick drop introducing some dancing electronics the momentum builds quickly. A pair of offset vocal stabs provide a wicked hook as the track approaches the drop. The break down gets taken down to the bare bones before a sharp and impactful build sees the galloping beats storm back for a huge second half finish! The second original entitled 'Pulse' presents a slightly more stripped framework at the outset.

An undeniably funky bass line adds some serious dance floor bounce and as the fresh sounds begin to move about another killer groove is formed. The drop presents a wicked set of chord changes that is incredibly moody and melancholic all at once. After a smooth transition back to the groove a more psychedelic bass line makes an appearance briefly to further up the energy and your dance floor should follow suit with a huge reaction here!The package is closed out in massive fashion with a third original entitled 'The Voice'.

Laced with old school video game stabs and a driving peak time groove this might be the biggest of the three tracks on the EP. Frolicking clusters of poppy keys accented by a fresh sounding vocal stab form the main theme of the record. The powerful and extremely catchy vocal hook has a uniquely epic vibe about it and it's one your dance floor won't soon forget!

Queen & Heart - Music Go EP
Release date: 25th June 2012
Label: Spherax Records

1. Queen & Heart - Music Go
2. Queen & Heart - Pulse
3. Queen & Heart - The Voice

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