Spring Tube Records presents Surreal Things

It's the full single release for one of the tracks from their second sampler - Surreal Things by Spring Tube Records regular Monojoke from Poland.

Spring Tube Records presents Surreal Things Photo by Spring Tube Records

As a first release in the Spring Tube's year 3 they have chosen to present you the first ever 100 percent breaks package from the label. It's the full single release for one of the tracks from our second sampler - "Surreal Things" by Spring Tube's regular Monojoke from Poland.

For remixing we have invited some of their personal favourites on today's progressive breaks scene, well known producer Abdomen Burst [Solaris, Proton, Mistique, Morphosis, Silk] from Russia (this remix has got early support in Jaytech's Music Podcast), Phrakture [Polytechnic, Jetlag, A Must Have, Digital Sensational UK, Flextone] from Canada, and Parallax Breakz [Rune, Olaris, Ego Shot, Raveart, ChipSound] from Ukraine.

Also in the package can see Spring Tube's A&R Slang who together with Technodreamer delivers another interpretation for completing the single.

Monojoke - Surreal Things
Release date 14th November 2011
Label Spring Tube Records

1. Monojoke - Surreal Things (Original Mix)
2. Monojoke - Surreal Things (Abdomen Burst Remix)
3. Monojoke - Surreal Things (Parallax Breakz Remix)
4. Monojoke - Surreal Things (Phrakture Remix)
5. Monojoke - Surreal Things (Slang & Technodreamer Remix)

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