Surrender by Parallelle & Nicolas Masseyeff

Parallelle & Nicolas Masseyeff return to Crosstown Rebels to deliver the excellent Surrender, backed by a remix from Axel Boman.

Surrender by Parallelle & Nicolas Masseyeff Photo by Crosstown Rebels

Three talents with a long-standing and innate musical connection stretching back years, Dutch brother duo Parallelle and French DJ/producer Nicolas Masseyeff have been connecting and collaborating to shape a series of lauded projects released via renowned imprints such as DGTL, Systematic, and Masseyeff's own Diversions Music. Reuniting for a second outing on Damian Lazarus' Crosstown Rebels imprint, following the success of their 2023 debut with the heavily-championed "Renegade," the trio return in style with two fresh, original productions backed by an ever-stylish remix from Studio Barnhus co-founder Axel Boman, who returns to deliver his second remix on the label following his debut remixing Dinky in 2016.

That feeling in the club, when you surrender totally, is pure liberation. The music pulses through you, and you're consumed by the rhythm. In that moment, nothing else matters but the euphoria of dancing freely, letting go of inhibitions, and being fully present in the moment.

The EP's title track, "Surrender," is a rumbling and impactful percussive journey through the darker territories of the night, with skittering synths and echoed vocal interjections adding glimpses of brightness to the otherwise murky sound. Meanwhile, "She Says" keeps the playful vocal elements front and center, introducing warping melodies and dub-tinged textures.

Providing his flip on the latter, Boman's take on "She Says" is classy and engaging from the off, stripping the track back to expose a raw yet polished interpretation while drawing on hazy pads, eerie tones, and sweeping atmospherics for a wonky and trippy excursion.

Parallelle & Nicolas Masseyeff - Surrender
Release Date May 2024
Label Crosstown Rebels

1. Surrender
2. She Says
3. She Says (Axel Boman Remix)

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