The EP by Hotlane

A mixture of Scandinavian filigranity and German Engineer is the result of Hotlane. A collaboration between Agnes Lindström and Jack Tennis. This is The EP.

The EP by Hotlane Photo by Skyler Greene Photography

Hotlane - the slow house / indie-pop-duo from Berlin are coming with their first EP. They have been described as sounding like a mixture of Chromatics, Portishead, and Nicolas Jaar - and it's true - they are not far from that.

The voice of Agnes has this fine, slightly Scandinavian filigranity. Something special that you get only in Nordic voices. Jack Tennis' sometimes raw, often just easy flowing, never pretentious backing tracks reflect this certain melancholy that you get in never-ending, grey, cold Berlin winters. Together they create these shining little Hotlane-pearls.

Agnes and Jack met in Berlin a few years ago. She came because of a modeling job, stayed because of a love thing and used to work at legendary Broken Hearts Club - where Jack was djing. Jack Tennis makes his living by playing vinyl at Berlin off - happenings and insider - clubs like Kingsize, Konzulat and Ritter Butzke. The five songs they recorded over the last 3 years are truly something special. It's easy to fall in love with Agnes and Jack's wonderful world of whispering sounds.

Hotlane - The EP
Release date April/May 2015
Label Gomma Records

1. My Favourite Habit
2. We're Online
3. Whenever
4. On My Own (Radio Mix)
5. Dirt on the Sidetracks

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