The Extended Family Miami Edition

Leftroom return with The Extended Family Miami Edition, featuring five tracks from AJ Christou, Andrey Slam, Jansons, and more.

The Extended Family Miami Edition Photo by Leftroom Records

Matt Tolfrey’s Leftroom continue to push their unique off centre house brand into 2017, with releases from Kate Simko and Andre Salmon already under their belt. This time round offered up as a ‘Miami Edition’ of the labels Extended Family series Leftroom recruits a number of global talents for a fresh various artist addition to the back catalogue.

AJ Christou’s ‘Move Somthin’ opens up the EP with a visceral groove, formed of bouncing toms, shuffling hats and spiralling effects, before twisted vocal samples take hold. Next up, Rob Paine & Willyum’s Shakedown Remix of ‘What You Want’ utilises a sonorous rhythm built around menacing subs, a jacking drum groove and delayed snare hits whilst working in tandem with the soulful vocals of Miss N and Timur.

Jansons ‘Panic At The Disco’ then heads down a tribal route with an organic percussive swing, featuring infectious melodies and rapturous breakdowns. Following is Rise 8’s ‘Hitting Head On’, a dubbed out affair laced with reverberated hits and mellow chords that waver alongside dulcet vocal tones and a deep bass line. Same Frequency then closes out the package with a crafty percussive workout in ‘Faces’, where a crisp organic groove combines with dissipating vocals, melodic licks and smooth chords.

Various Artists - The Extended Family [Miami Edition]
Release Date 19th May 2017
Label Leftroom Records

1. AJ Christou - Move Somthin’
2. Andrey Slam feat. Miss N & Timur - What You Want (Rob Paine & Willyum’s Shakedown Remix)
3. Jansons - Panic At The Disco
4. Rise 8 - Hitting Head On
5. Same Frequency - Faces

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