There Must be Love by David Morales & Janice Robinson

Def Mix Music now serves up some more unadulterated joy in the form of a new single from the boss himself in cahoots with Janice Robinson. The single also features a firing remix from the legendary Ralphi Rosario.

There Must be Love by David Morales & Janice Robinson Photo by Def Mix Music

David Morales might well have been there at the very start of house music, but to this day he remains an influential and taste-making figure. He has continued to serve up the hits as well as laying down essential DJ sets that appeal to new and old heads all over the world.

Brilliant new single 'There Must Be Love’ comes in many forms. First up, the Disco Juice Piano Intro mix, as you would expect, starts with a dramatic piano opening before the soul fuelled, sun kissed beats begin to bounce. Chord stabs, swooping strings and an impossibly feel good vocal all soar high into the sky and take you all the way with them.

A straight Disco Juice mix slightly tweaks the intro, and a World Mix makes more of the heavy drums as well as stripping things back to the vocal for much of the first part of the track.  When it lands is has all the joy of a 90s classic.

It is then to another house legend in the form of Ralphi Rosario, who uses his remix to make the track more suited to sweaty, peak time dance floors. His synths are driving, his rubbery beats are propulsive and overall the track wonderfully tight and energetic. This is a seriously loved up crowd pleaser from a true master of the form. Lock it and load it this summer and watch the dance floor go wild!

David Morales & Janice Robinson - There Must be Love
Release date 10th August 2015
Label Def Mix Music

1. There Must Be Love (Disco Juice Piano Intro Mix)
2. There Must Be Love (Disco Juice Mix)
3. There Must Be Love (World Radio Mix)
4. There Must Be Love (Ralphi Rosario Big Mix)
5. There Must Be Love (Disco Juice Radio Mix)
6. There Must Be Love (World Mix)

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