Traum by Boran Ece

Son d’Étroit label boss Boran Ece is back on Lemon Juice Records with a single entitled Traum.

Traum by Boran Ece Photo by Philipp Jeker Photography

Swiss artist Boran Ece finds inspiration throughout the deeper realms of the electronic music world, sharing his art with music lovers from all corners of the globe and releasing on labels like Lemon Juice Records and his newly launched Son d'Étroit imprint. The label's inaugural release, "Relance", picked up an array of support from Sasha, Guy J, John Digweed and now returns to the Zurich-based label Lemon Juice Records.

"Traum" is a shimmering house cut that lays focus on minimal rhythms, sweeping synths, and rolling bass grooves that fuse harmoniously with one another. 

Boran Ece - Traum
Release Date June 2021
Label Lemon Juice Records

1. Traum

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