We Run It / No Other Way by Subjects

The mysterious producer duo Subjects return to Deep Jungle with two high-grade Jungle tracks.

We Run It / No Other Way by Subjects Art by Deep Jungle

Subjects consist of Lee & Tony, a mysterious producer duo that has been working together for the last 5 years, both with a lot of history within the music industry. Together they have released seven records via the Deep Jungle label, with their latest entry "We Run It / No Other Way" dropping this December ahead of their debut LP next year.

Leading the release, the thunderous breaks of "We Run It" chop and slice their way through lush pads, weighty subs, and futuristic bleeps on the A-side, while on the flip "No Other Way" brings another hefty dose of jungle fury and rave nostalgia.

Active in the 1990s and relaunching in 2017, Deep Jungle has reissued a string of classic tracks and lost dubplates from their vast catalog, from legendary artists such as Dillinja, DJ Nut Nut, Adam F, and many more. Looking into the future, the label continues to push quality Jungle, providing a home for artists such as Tim Reaper, Dwarde, and Kid Lib.

Subjects - We Run It / No Other Way
Release Date February 2023
Label Deep Jungle

01. We Run It
02. No Other Way

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