Wish Star by Joe Vanditti

Ilario Alicante launches new label Sound D'Elite, welcoming Italian DJ/producer Joe Vanditti for the debut offering with his three-track Wish Star EP.

Wish Star by Joe Vanditti Photo by Emanuele Sessa

From his role as a longstanding member of the Cocoon family, wide-reaching collaborations with legends such as Giorgio Moroder through to leading modern contemporaries such as Kevin De Vries, and of course, his seminal record "Vacaciones En Chile," very few artists within house and techno have a resumé comparable to DJ/producer and label boss Ilario Alicante - and he's showing no signs of slowing down.

Adding to his renowned Virgo imprint, a techno-focused label known globally for its quality output, the Italian now digs into his house side to launch a new project, Sound D'Elite. Focusing on the percussive, groove-driven side of the genre, the first label sees Alicante invite fellow Italian and Neapolitan Joe Vanditti to deliver the first release following music on the likes of Deeperfect and MÜSE as he unveils his "Wish Star" EP.

With Sound D'Elite, I offer a broader window into my musical influences and preferences, showcasing a groovier and housey side of my style that, although always present, now gets the stage it deserves. Sound D'Elite and Virgo coexist, offering two distinct but complementary soundscapes. These labels are like two parallel narratives that, while following different paths, converge in drawing an authentic and multifaceted portrait of who I am as an artist.
Ilario Alicante

"Wish Star" is a percussive and rolling title cut accented by warping low-ends and a notorious vocal at its heart. It delivers a modern flip on a classic and a production crafted for significant impact. Next, "Mommy Don't Know" veers down a similar path to bring more slick sample flips amongst lively drum arrangements before closing the show with the stylish and paired back sonics and hazy pads of "Vibrations."

Joe Vanditti - Wish Star
Release Date February 2024
Label Sound D'Elite

1. Wish Star
2. Mommy Don't Know
3. Vibrations

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