Zohar EP by Shlomi Aber

Be As One boss Shlomi Aber's latest driving four-track release, Zohar EP, lands on Joseph Capriati's Redimension imprint.

Zohar EP by Shlomi Aber Photo by Shlomi Aber/Redimension

The Barcelona-based Israeli artist has refined his ability to deliver sub thumping releases for more than a decade. With previous appearances on Bpitch and Figure, Aber aligns perfectly with Redimension's roster which features the likes of Fur Coat, Anthony Parasole, Adam Beyer and label head himself, Joseph Capriati. 

"Zohar" opens with cantering chords, solid analog kicks, and splashing cymbals before "Tora" then follows with down pitched keys, tight rides, a rattling synth line and subtle risers. 

On the flip "Woodhill Grove" bubbles with a dark arpeggiated lead, slicing percussion and crackling distortion noise when "Going Distance" then closes with echoed stabs, zapping electronic hits, swung drums and hissing hats.

Shlomi Aber - Zohar EP
Release Date
29th November 2019
Label Redimension

1. Zohar
2. Tora
3. Woodhill Grove
4. Going Distance

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