Bananat EP by AKKAN

AKKAN take the reins of the next La Belle Records release and serve up three psychedelic house tunes with an on point remix from Naduve.

Bananat EP by AKKAN Photo by La Belle Records

AKKAN is the Barcelona-based production partnership between prolific natives BeGun and Ocellot. They came together after a magic mushroom psychotropic journey in the Kalahari Desert and that is reflected in their sounds which build on idiosyncratic and trippy melodies and ethnic rhythms.

Opener "Bananat" is a brilliantly organic and natural deep house track with bird calls and loose grooves unfolding like a hot summer’s day in the jungle. Waify synths drift by, distant whistles come in and out, and hulking great drums get you moving.

"Ayuca" keeps the same vibes alive with wooden percussive hits and exotic grooves, chanting, and handclaps all making for spiritual house sounds that ooze charm and character.

"Papayah" then gets a little more direct with big, undulating drums and broad synth sweeps bringing a spacious groove. It’s cosmic, celebratory, and sounds like little else out there.

Naduve hails from Tel Aviv and has released on countryman Moscoman’s label Disco Halal as well as Multi Culti. His take on "Bananat" is another fresh track with ethnic woodwind sounds, tin pot percussion sprinkled over the top, and big rubber drums laying down the grooves.

This is a refreshing package of inventive and off-kilter house sounds that make for a unique and colorful trip.

AKKAN - Bananat EP
Release Date
February 2018
Label La Belle Records

1. Bananat
2. Ayuca
3. Papayah
4. Bananat (Naduve Remix)

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