Blank EP by Merv

Minimood welcomes Copenhagen based veterans Merv for two tantalizing new tracks, kicking off 2017 in the stripped-back dub techno style the label has been advocating so well lately.

Blank EP by Merv Photo by Minimood

Merv is Brian Oldenborg and Jan Christiansen, an analogue-worshipping duo whose classic dub techno work is admired and worshiped by cult record collectors. Recently their two Merv tracks from back in the day were remastered for a special 12" on Styrax. After 20 years silence, this new EP marks their first new material and proves they have lost none of their magic touch.

Opener "Blank I" is nine minutes of expert and exquisite dub techno. The kicks ping with an infectious thump, the dub chords are fantastically crisp and well crafted as they smear about and swallow up the drums. Widescreen and edgeless, it is a timeless bit of warm dubby techno that cannot fail to cocoon you in sound.

On the flip side, "Blank II" is just as classy a dub techno affair, but with a more upright and direct twist. Slapping hits and lively chords are riding above the rolling, loopy drums. It draws you in and encourages you to cut loose and will certainly add energy and soul to any DJ set.

Merv - Blank EP
Release Date 3rd March 2017
Label Minimood

A1: Blank I
B1: Blank II

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