Chair EP by H! DUDE

H! DUDE drops a complex techno package with remixes from D.A.V.E. The Drummer, Lady Maru & SLVSTR.

Chair EP by H! DUDE

H! DUDE unveils the second release on Arkham Audio sub-label Arkham XXX, following the division's inaugural release featuring Bad Brahmin. In line with the imprint's vision, the title track establishes itself with raging dominance, its overpowering drums building up to a hardstyle climax before UK hard techno legend and Hydraulix head D.A.V.E. The Drummer takes a turn at remixing the track, working his magic by adding layers of crunch and warped vocals while still maintaining a clear semblance of the original.

We avoid thinking about what a hungry and sweaty dancefloor wants to hear. Our mixture of techno, electro, dubstep and hardstyle first resulted in tracks that sometimes sounded quite different from each other. But now we feel as we go along that people seem to recognize more and more of a "signature" sound in our tracks. That's about the biggest compliment you could give us, so we're excited about the future!

Fast-paced stomper "Machine Gun" comes with two remixes by Rome-via-Berlin's Lady Maru; its creative sampling and raw beats are amplified with the introduction of a 303 for the acid mix, with the other version hosting furious breakbeats, alien synths, and futuristic bleeps. "The Dumbest Screech" is the final track on the EP, taking things down a notch with organic drums before a classic hardcore hoover sound sweeps you off your feet once more. The track also comes with a hard-hitting remix from SLVSTR, who redevelops it into a driving roller intended to have you bouncing off the walls.

H! DUDE - Chair EP
Release Date May 2023
Label Arkham Audio / Arkham xxx

01. Chair
02. Chair (D.A.V.E. The Drummer Remix)
03. Machine Gun
04. Machine Gun (Lady Maru Remix)
05. Machine Gun (Lady Maru Acid Mix)
06. The Dumbest Screech
07. The Dumbest Screech (SLVSTR Remix)

Michael Kiechle Born in München. Living currently in Lisboa.