Clap For Me EP by William Kiss

Melbourne's William Kiss debuts on Rekids Special Projects with his Clap For Me EP.

Clap For Me EP by William Kiss Photo by Rekids Special Projects

William Kiss' "Clap For Me EP" on Rekids Special Projects opens with a tom-fuelled groove in its title track, a booty-shaking rhythm intermittently broken up by a repeating "Clap For Me" vocal, setting the tone for a party-starting release. The UNCAGE, Club Bad, and 23rd Century artist drops "Jacker" next, harkening back to old-school drum machine funk and invoking pure dance floor mania through its hypnotism and retro vocal.

"Werkin'" then sees William Kiss keep the pace through more vocal-driven sampling melded with punchy 909s before "Talkin'" continues with full-on house euphoria designed to turn heads. The Melbourne producer then closes things out with "Cherry," which, compared to the preceding tracks, goes down a more classic rolling techno route, showcasing the versatility of an artist who knows the dance through and through.

William Kiss - Clap For Me EP
Release Date 16th February 2024
Label Rekids Special Projects

01. Clap For Me
02. Jacker
03. Werkin'
04. Talkin'
05. Cherry

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