Don't Follow Me EP by Kiki & Drown

Kiki and Drown deliver three collaborative tracks as they head to Rebellion with their Don't Follow Me EP.

Don't Follow Me EP by Kiki & Drown Art by Rebellion/Crosstown Rebels

For nearly three decades, Berlin-based Kiki has been a fixture on the city's pulsating nightlife scene, gracing venues such as Watergate, Berghain/Panorama Bar and holding a residency at Tresor. With a knack for remixes and productions coveted by labels such as BPitch Control and Pets Recordings, he was also the first artist to release on Damian Lazarus' revered Crosstown Rebels, collaborating with Silver Surfer on "Sleeza."

Alessio sent me an idea of a track to work on that had a working title: "Body Of Lies." My HI (Humanly Intelligence) had an immediate result from the prompt as a vision of a devil on my right and an angel on my left shoulder making their attempts to draw my attention to each side, but only creating paranoia. The text and the recording happened in about 15 minutes. I felt like a possessed corpse banging the 80's lazer drums in a trance. I hope you enjoy the trip.

Meanwhile, Italian DJ/producer Drown (Alessio Pagliaroli) is known for parties at Ribbon Club near Rome, whose music has garnered acclaim from industry giants like Adriatique, Charlotte de Witte, John Digweed, and more. Lazarus now welcomes both artists to join his thriving Rebellion imprint as the duo embark on a three-track tripped-out expedition in their first joint EP, "Don't Follow Me."

I wrote the lyrics to "Myths of the Mind" during a stream of consciousness poetry experiment. I listened to the instrumental sent to me by Drown, and sketched out a mental landscape that incorporated many impressions, emotions and memories. I drew on experiences such as going to live shows, reading works by Joseph Campbell, as well as exploring my ancestry and connections to places where I had lived. Fragments of these explorations made it into the final lyrics that you hear in this song. It is my hope that people on the dancefloor connect to this piece within their own subconscious minds, and travel to a dreamlike, peaceful world, if only for a few moments.

Kicking off the release with a commanding presence, "Don't Follow Me" ramps up tension with escalating builds, sonic synth stabs, and Kiki's whispered vocals blending seamlessly over a darkly hypnotic beat. Next, Quilla's soft and alluring vocals take the spotlight in "Myths Of The Mind" as the track builds with intricate percussive elements that captivate the senses. At the same time, the Dub mix explores a darker direction with spiraling electronics and a heady bassline.

Kiki & Drown - Don't Follow Me EP
Release Date 17th May 2024
Label Rebellion

1. Don't Follow Me
2. Myths Of The Mind feat. Quilla
3. Myths Of The Mind feat. Quilla (Dub)

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