Electer presents Devoted EP

Electer's new release, Devoted EP, on Arkham xxx channels heavy techno with a rockstar feel.

Electer presents Devoted EP Photo by Arkham Audio

The "Devoted EP" by Electer on Arkham Audio's Arkham xxx offshoot shifts into gear with a title track shot through with battery acid, a warped vocal and layers of amp distortion. Manchester's Analect remixes the track, infusing it with a hard trance techno edge through droning low-end, slipstream synths and a hint of the original's vocal sample. Boasting two remixes, "On The Verge Of Despair" is next, its futuristic sounds building up to hard-hitting drums and screaming 303 bass before Askkin reimagines the groove and the PET duo rebuild the track into a high-energy gabber rinse-out.

Electer's "Hate" continues with raging, acid-soaked hoovers, keeping in line with the Dark Cube collective founder's electro and hard techno influences. The track is remixed by Croatia's DJ Ogi, who incorporates slamming cymbals and hypnotic basslines. Closing out the release, "Absolution" and its subsequent remix feature wonky synth work and menacing vocals, with Arkham xxx veteran Bad Brahmin stepping up to turn the track into a rough, laser-fuelled dancefloor bomb.

Arkham xxx continues to push the harder side of techno, having featured releases by SLVSTR, H! DUDE, Bad Brahmin, and its label owner Cri Du Coeur. Each release features a stacked cast of up-and-coming and established remixers such as Tred, Rudosa, D.A.V.E. The Drummer, Umwelt, and many more, with Electer's entry continuing the trend by inviting a cast of quality names in the higher tempos.

Electer - Devoted EP
Release Date 15th December 2023
Label Arkham xxx

01. Devoted
02. Devoted (Analect Remix)
03. On The Verge Of Despair
04. On The Verge Of Despair (Askkin Remix)
05. On The Verge Of Despair (PET duo Remix)
06. Hate
07. Hate (DJ Ogi Remix)
08. Absolution
09. Absolution (Bad Brahmin Remix)

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