Get Physical presents Cocada

Get Physical Presents: Cocada is a brand new compilation put together in cooperation with the Brazil Music Conference, and it is compiled and mixed by local and long time star Leo Janeiro.

Get Physical presents Cocada Photo by Get Physical Music

"Cocada" is a word that evokes strong childhood memories for all Brazilians. It is a delicious coconut sweet which, says the label, "is a little surprise in the middle of an ordinary day that makes you appreciate all the good things of Brazil." As such, it is a perfect name for this selection which features tracks from big and emerging names alike.

"Under the name Cocada we’ll be launching music and organizing workshops and parties, in order to bring greater visibility to the electronic music being produced in Brazil and throughout Latin America", says Get Physical’s managing director Roland Leesker.

"Our desire is to create an international platform both for emerging underground producers and well-known artists," A&R manager Matt Plessis adds. "Cocada is very sweet and we want to give the world an opportunity to taste some of those powerful delights that have been produced in Brazil".

Among the album’s more established producers is HNQO, who runs the Playperview label and has released on Hot Creations. His track "Sorrow" is a moody cut with a shapeshifting lead synth that brings a zoned out feel. Another big hitter is Renato Ratier, the owner of celebrated Brazilian clubs D Edge and Warung, resident at the former and globe trotting DJ who has put out a couple of well received albums. His "Snapshots" is a track with brilliantly rumbling bass and starry night skies as well as dubby chords that get you on your toes.

First out of the blocks is Hauy with the superbly languid and elastic deep house of "Redpath" featuring gently undulating synths and rolling drums. The man behind the mix then serves up "Blaze" with Mumbaata, and it’s a tight, upright bit of melodic house with loose drums that reflect Brazil’s rich musical heritage.

Well-crafted melodic vibes are the backbone of this collection, with the likes of Lacozta, Albuquerque’s remix of "Hierbas" and Andre Salata & Mumbaata’s "BR-116" all offering nicely atmospheric, warm house grooves with big, sweeping melodies and poised chords that add plenty of colour and majesty to the music. Bruce Leroys picks up the pace with his more edgy and driving tech cut "Rev Is Out" and things get all trippy and spaced out on the hypnotic "Raizes" by Nuno Deconto.

This is a compelling selection of tracks that show that Brazil is a real hot bed of talent going into 2018, and Get Physical knows exactly where to find it.

Various Artists - Get Physical presents Cocada - mixed & compiled by Leo Janeiro
Release Date
23rd February 2018
Label Get Physical Music

01. Hauy - Redpath
02. Leo Janeiro, Mumbaata - Blaze
03. Lacozta - Plano
04. HNQO - Sorrow
05. Carrot Green - Movimento (Digitaria remix)
06. Andre Salata, Mumbaata - BR-116
07. Bruce Leroys - Rev is out
08. Gabe - Hierbas (Albuquerque Remix)
09. Rodrigo Ferrari - 10PM
10. Renato Ratier - Snapshots
11. Nuno Deconto - Raizes
12. Afternude - Tribal Syndrome
13. Ossaim - When You Say My Name
14. Flow & Zeo - Maresia
15. Leo Janeiro - Cocada (Continuous Mix)

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