Girlfriend by Dennis Cruz and Luliano Mambo

Dennis Cruz combines with close friend Iuliano Mambo once again as the pair reveal their latest single Girlfriend on MÜSE.

Girlfriend by Dennis Cruz and Luliano Mambo Photo by MÜSE

Two artists at the center of Madrid's house scene, MÜSE co-founder Dennis Cruz and fellow Spaniard Iuliano Mambo's collaborative catalog dates back almost ten years with the duo delivering a rich array of original productions and remixes together across their careers, most notably via Cruz's own long-standing Lemon-Aid imprint. Having recently paired up to release the slick "Take It Easy", early-September now sees the long-time friends make their collaborative debut on Cruz and Eddy M's blossoming label MÜSE as they unveil their latest single, "Girlfriend".

Combining driving basslines beneath crisp percussion arrangements and infectious vocal hooks and samples throughout, "Girlfriend" sees the two Spanish talents continue their ever-impressive partnership as they deliver a groove-heavy peak time production and add to MÜSE's notable output in 2020 in style. 

Dennis Cruz, Luliano Mambo - Girlfriend
Release Date September 2020
Label MÜSE

1. Girlfriend

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