Great, unforgettable tracks from the past - part three

There are many great, unforgettable tracks from the past that re-awakens emotions, feelings, and memories. Some bad, some good but more importantly they've all stood the test of time. This is part three of the series.

Great, unforgettable tracks from the past - part three Photo by Dale Brooks

1. Airbase ‎- Genie

Airbase "Genie" is one of those tracks that either grows on you are you just hate it. But, it got most likely one of the most catchy and melodic riffs ever, that simply draws you in and you never want it to end. The original 11:32 minute version was released already in 2002 on the Alphabet City sublabel Go For it! and has since seen a few re-releases over the years.

2. Jack Savoretti - Soldier's Eyes

Jack Savoretti's "Soldier's Eyes" will forever be linked to the American TV crime drama "Sons of Anarchy" created by Kurt Sutter. That show is filled with great music, by the way. This track is not the happiest one ever made but in its subtle guitar picking and the dominant voice of Jack, it's a track worth exploring, as well as the series it's highly linked to, even though not created for.

3. The Cure - A Forest

The Cure's "A Forest" is a 5-minute and 55-second (album version) statement made by the group on their second album "Seventeen Seconds" released in April 1980 and signing the group as a firm staple in the Gothic Rock genre forever. An interesting thing about the song is that the vocals almost drown in the music, giving it a very unique soundscape. It's one of those tracks that even after 40 years sounds fresh.

4. Greta Van Fleet - Age of Man

Greta Van Fleet's "Age of Man" might lead you to think that it was made in the late 1970s and that it's a powerful female vocalist singing, but one couldn't be more wrong. It's performed by a band formed in 2012 and consists of 19-22-year-olds. The track is the opening track on their first album "Anthem of the Peaceful Army", which is a really good one coming from these youngsters. This track might just be one of those that in 40 years appears on one of these lists.

5. Ante Perry vs. Babylon Robots ‎- Der Urknall

Ante Perry vs. Babylon Robots's "Der Urknall" is one of those stalwart techno/tech-house tracks that you might have heard in a club or at a festival but, never remembered who made it or let alone its name. It was released in 2007 on Systematic Recordings on a two-track EP called "Der Urknall / 3 A.M.". The ones hiding behind the Babylon Robots moniker are none other than Kittball founders Tube & Berger alongside the deep techno master Ante Perry aka Andreas Elster. They released a lot of EPs together between 2007 and 2010, this is one of those that stand out the most.

6. Laurent Garnier ‎- Crispy Bacon

Laurent Garnier's "Crispy Bacon" from the 1997 album "30" is one of F Communications' best releases, the whole album is actually a very diverse and interesting journey into the mind of the French master's influences and explorations in sound. It's the second album released by Laurent Garnier, the first being "Shot in the Dark" (1995), but also may be the most influential album released. "Crispy Bacon" gained a lot of success and is still to this day played by DJs all over the world.

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