Love The Underground presents LTU002 VA

Born out of unconditional love for the underground echelons of the electronic music scene, Love The Underground Records embodies an innate affection and passion, for not only the music.

Love The Underground presents LTU002 VA Photo by Love The Underground Records

The auspicious Love The Underground imprint is back with its second instalment, this time presenting a medley of moody tracks from eight exciting artists featuring Christian Baez, Kike Medina, Rjay Murphy and label founder Mikaela.

Launched in 2014 by Russian born DJ/producer Mikaela, Love The Underground Records dropped its debut release in April, kick-starting a considerable year ahead, which includes a series of weekly parties at Tox Ibiza, as well as further showcases in London and during Barcelona’s infamous OFF Week. Furthermore, the label will also play host to Mikaela’s debut artist album in late September, rounding off an enthralling summer season for the aspirational London base collective.

The label’s second release sees Love The Underground call upon a blend of both established and burgeoning names, for a showcase of their distinct breed of house and techno. Spanish producer Kike Medina initiates the package with the rolling percussive ‘Black Sky’, before Love The Underground boss Mikaela lays down a trippy groove in ‘Super Crush’ with eerie atmospherics and a mesmerising hook. Samu Rodriguez then delivers a sinister cut named ‘Input 303’ that boasts a sullen low-end until Christian Baez drops an unforgiving slice of techno by the name of ‘Mika’.

Next up London-based Mick Finucan installs a monstrous and decadent number named ‘Like That Watch’, leading into Joshua Puerta’s ‘Backstage’ which implements shuffling hats and ghostly breakdowns. Glaswegian producer Rjay Murphy then steps up for a low-slung roller called ‘Diagonals’ before Ellie Pettersson returns to the imprint to tie things together with the intricately produced ‘Obbey’.

Various Artists - LTU002 VA
Release Date 1st July 2015
Label Love The Underground Records

1. Kike Medina - Black Sky (Original mix)
2. Mikaela - Super Crush (Original mix)
3. Samu Rodrigez - Input 303 (Original mix)
4. Christian Baez - Mika (Original mix)
5. Mick Finucan - Like That Watch (Original mix)
6. Joshua Puerta - Backstage (Original mix)
7. Rjay Murphy - Diagonals (Original mix)
8. Ellie Pettersson - Obbey (Original mix)

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