Nunchi EP by Ed Ed

Sasse's Moodmusic label is one of the finest deep house and techno outlets out there and now it confirms its status with another sumptuous effort, this time from Ed Ed.

Nunchi EP by Ed Ed Photo by Rafa Dos Santos

Ed Ed is a Berlin based artist who has released on this label as well as Defected. His sound is cultured and accomplished and he is a regular in some of the best clubs in Europe. He has recently remixed Peter Kaltenberg for Colour in Music Records and also puts out varied beats on Noir and OFF. Here he serves up a fully formed EP that features five tracks of club dynamite that show he has a great breadth and depth of styles.

Opener ‘The Zoo’ is a moody cut with a rumbling bassline and tight claps cutting through a thick, muggy atmosphere. It rolls deep and takes you with it all the way. ‘Delta’ is then a more spine tingling melodic affair with glassy chords rising up the scale as slick tech beats roll below. It’s an epic track that really sweeps you up to a nice peak and is sure to mark a standout moment in any set.

‘Lagoon’ is a more playful, garage influenced cut with skipping drums, slapping hits and a cooing female vocal that adds a sensuous air to the lively drums. This one is a real party starter full of charm, then ‘Monti’ sinks back down into a bubbling, effervescing groove full of dazzling synth smears and colourful chords and finally the title track rounds things out with frazzled, alien synth lines and sparse sonic landscapes. It’s built on a big bed of bass and really gets loose in the latter half.

This excellent EP is more like a mini LP that really takes you on a trip through many different styles, but all with an equal sense of killer groove. As such, it makes for a fantastic listen and is sure to find its way into many DJ bags.

Ed Ed - Nunchi EP
Release Date 2nd October 2015
Label Moodmusic

1. The Zoo
2. Delta
3. Lagoon
4. Monti
5. Nunchi

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