Really Really Hot by Eddy M

Eddy M returns to Solid Grooves with his latest single Really Really Hot.

Really Really Hot by Eddy M Photo by Gio Giovanni

One of the favorites for many amongst the Solid Grooves family, Eddy M is a name that always features one of the most-loved talents in the scene. With his blend of slick, crisp beats fused with samples and influences from hip-hop through to disco, the Italian's unique style has seen him build on early hype and continue to deliver huge peak-time anthems. That talent is on show again here as he returns to Solid Grooves with "Really Really Hot" to close out 2021.

Laying down sharp percussion and sweeping synths, "Really Really Hot" builds amongst hooky vocal samples and vibrant bass licks to showcase yet another trademark production from Italian as he rounds out 2021 in style.

Eddy M - Really Really Hot
Release Date December 2021
Label Solid Grooves Records

1. Really Really Hot

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