Satoshis Groove by PAWSA

Solid Grooves Records co-founder PAWSA delivers his first label material of the year with Satoshis Groove.

Satoshis Groove by PAWSA Photo by Solid Grooves Records

Undeniably one of the scene's most-loved DJs and producers, Solid Grooves co-founder PAWSA continues to deliver a never-ending arsenal of dancefloor-ready cuts perfect for the warm-up, the peak time, or the after-hours via his unmistakable, trademark low-slung rhythms and rolling productions. Following up on a string of drops via his own PAWZ imprint, May welcomes his first material of 2021 on Solid Grooves as he reveals the bumping "Satoshi's Groove".

Combining snaking basslines, slinking metallic drums, and laser-precise hats, "Satoshi's Groove" sees the UK favorite deliver a no-nonsense, driving affair - optimizing the production's minimal elements to produce yet another must-have killer cut.

PAWSA - Satoshi’s Groove
Release Date May/June 2021
Label Solid Grooves Records

1. Satoshi’s Groove

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