Sequences EP by Szmer

Szmer aka Michał Aleksiewicz returns to Symbolism with Sequences EP.

Sequences EP by Szmer Photo by Szmer/Michał Aleksiewicz

Following 2022's "Darkness Falls EP," Polish artist, Szmer is back on Ben Sims' Symbolism juggernaut with an intoxicating four-tracker in the form of "Sequences EP."

"Sequence 6" sees Szmer lean heavily into dense, sci-fi soundscapes. Woozy but pounding, it's peak time and potent in equal measure. "Old Times," while more stripped back and gentle in its progression, is no less exhilarating than the EP opener. "Raw Thoughts," a gritty and distortion-fuelled exercise in percussive minimalism, pairs nicely with closer "October 8," a summing up of the preceding track's themes and a powerful, late-night rattler.

Szmer - Sequences EP
Release Date November 2023
Label Symbolism

01. Sequence 6
02. Old Times
03. Raw Thoughts
04. October 8

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