Spherax Records presents Right Back

The 42nd release on Slovenia's Spherax Records sees the debut of a new up and coming Russian producer by the name of En-Core. His debut for Spherax is entitled Right Back and it comes with remixes from D-Trax, Andrew Benson, and Techi.

Spherax Records presents Right Back Photo by Spherax Records

The 42nd release on Slovenia's Spherax Records sees the debut of a new up and coming Russian producer by the name of En-Core. Igor Parshin aka En-Core has a relatively short discography but his recent remixes of Dave Shtorn and Nikita Potekhin for Neuroscience Deep and Melancholy Records respectively were underrated melodic gems. His debut for Spherax is entitled 'Right Back' and it comes with remixes from: D-Trax, Andrew Benson and Techi.

En-Core's original mix leads the package off with a playful, club friendly progressive groove. Excellent vocal snips and a hook heavy bass line set an amazing vibe early on. The lush melodic mood flows smoothly to a brief drop where the main chords are introduced and give way for the appearance of a gorgeous sequence of keys. Processed wonderfully and glassy in nature the melodic lead takes centre stage for an exceptional moment in the record. It's a brilliantly colourful track from one of Bulgaria's most exciting up and coming producers.

Bulgarian producer D-Trax first appeared on Spherax over a year ago for the label's 13th overall release 'Memories Will Fade' by Russian producer Anton Sever. D-Trax provided a new school progressive mix that was destined for big room play. Since that time the Bulgarian producer has appeared on Four Peas, Percent and MDS Digital. Here he returns to the label for a second time and provides the first remix of 'Right Back'. D-Trax's interpretation packs an incredible punch with it's warm housy groove that comes with an amazing energetic roll. The vocal elements are used amazing well by D-Trax as he's given them a much more angelic vibe and when combined with clusters of dancing keys the results are spectacular. The breakdown showcases this even further as the elements are left to breathe and in doing so they sound sonically perfect. It's an epic moment and one your dance floor won't soon forget.

Russian producer Andrew Benson provides the next remix and it's also his debut for the label. Andrew is famed for his consistently brilliant melodic club cuts on Round Triangle and Deepsessons. Here Andrew provides an excellent complement to the package with a slightly deeper rework than the previous two versions. Andrew's added some very soulful sounding chords and melded them perfectly with the melodic parts from the original. The fuzzy wall of sub bass changes keys in epic fashion and works the emotional content of the record as the breakdown approaches. Here Andrew has crafted a gorgeous section with softly textured chords and scattered melodies for what results in a beautiful soundscape which should have a sunrise dance floor eating out of the palm of your hand.

Closing the package out and returning to the label for his second appearance is Techi. The Russian producer had great success with his first offering for Spherax, a single entitled 'Entourage'. For his 'Right Back' remix Techi has showcased the elements from the original in grand fashion. The vocal gates have a wonderful shimmering quality to them and melodies flow together seamlessly. The funky, spacious groove opens the piece up to a broader range of dance floors quite nicely and should see some great support from not just progressive but house DJs as well.

En-Core - Right Back
Release date: 22nd November 2011
Label: Spherax Records

1. En-Core - Right Back
2. En-Core - Right Back (Techi Remix)
3. En-Core - Right Back (D-Trax Remix)
4. En-Core - Right Back (Andrew Benson Remix)

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