The Cactus Soundtrack by Daniel Weil & Lucapulco

Leading Mexican label and party collective Discos Tabu welcomes Daniel Weil & Lucapulco for a freewheeling new EP that effortlessly weaves disco, Balearic, and deeper, more enigmatic tones.

The Cactus Soundtrack by Daniel Weil & Lucapulco Photo by Discos Tabu

These long-term collaborators have worked across several mediums but always share a common musical vision. Motordiscs label head Weil plays anything from new beat to dub techno or indie dance and has previously been resident in clubs such as Le Baron NYC, The Mansion Shanghai, and Badaboum in Paris. With Lucapulco, he always explores a mystical ambiance.

This EP was written in a studio in Paris and was inspired by the aim of crafting a soundtrack to an evening they spent in the Mexican desert with a cactus named Brizzio. It opens with "Cactus Drive" which rides on a dirty and wobbly low end. Starry-eyed guitar riffs cut through next to prickly percussion and make for a rousing sonic trip.

The delightful "Cactus Walk" is much more airy and laid back - a summery jaunt through a desert oasis with Balearic Spanish guitar sounds and tropical shakers bringing the heat. The brilliant "Rainbow Cactus" then shuts down with driving nu-disco drums and shimmering chords full of retro color and charm.

Daniel Weil & Lucapulco - The Cactus Soundtrack
Release Date 19th January 2024
Label Discos Tabu

1. Cactus Drive
2. Rainbow Cactus
3. Cactus Walk

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