Chime (Eli Brown Remix) by Orbital

Orbital's debut single Chime has been given a 2022 update by Eli Brown.

Chime (Eli Brown Remix) by Orbital Art by London Records

Harnessing one of dance music's most iconic melodies, Eli Brown's club-driven take on "Chime" sees the Bristol-based DJ and producer merge punchy, impactful drums with swirling low-ends to offer a fresh update for dancefloors across the globe.

Arguably the band's most influential record from their illustrious 30-year career, Orbital's debut "Chime" launched the Hartnoll brothers into underground and international chart success, with the legendary production widely regarded as one of electronic music's greatest records of all time.

Orbital - Chime (Eli Brown Remix)
Release Date February 2022
Label London Records

1. Chime (Eli Brown Remix)

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