Integration Feature by Alexander Church

Alexander Church is back with another thought-provoking techno outing, this time with standout remixes from Vincenzo.

Integration Feature by Alexander Church Art by Configurations of Self

Alexander Church has recently started a second label, Life Scripts, but with Configurations of Self, he explores everything from melodic soundscapes to industrial techno with a deep-thinking perspective. He has been plowing his own path since the nineties, but because of his constant innovation, he remains one of the scene's most interesting artists.

The superb title track opens this EP with spine-tingling deep techno. Ambient pads swirl up high while twisted synths and rubbery drums make for a propulsive, complex rhythm. Pokerflat and Dessous mainstay Vincenzo is a German artist who has been active since the nineties. He brings a wealth of widescreen perspectives to his remix, which is more smooth and zoned out, with streamlined grooves sinking you into a cosmic reverie.

Alexander Church's "Thinking & Reasoning" showcases his fine synth craft, with thin, glistening pads and more smeared chords bringing a sense of tension as you float through a starry night sky next to soulful vocal whispers that bring human tenderness. After the dub, which is a fantastic melodic techno exploration, Vincenzo offers another remix. Once again he goes deep, getting you lost amongst gorgeously pillowy synths and celestial motifs that are out of this world.

This is another high-class EP from Configurations of Self that features five deep and beautiful techno tracks.

Alexander Church - Integration Feature
Release Date July 2021
Label Configurations Of Self

1. Integration Feature
2. Integration Feature (Vincenzo Remix)
3. Thinking & Reasoning
4. Thinking & Reasoning (Dub)
5. Thinking & Reasoning (Vincenzo Remix)

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