Thessali Noir by Gemini Brothers feat Shahin Badar

Skint Records welcome acclaimed Romanian duo the Gemini Brothers with vocalist Shahin Badar for a fiery five-track EP that features three of their original cuts backed with remixes from Justin Robertson and French artist FLVN.

Thessali Noir by Gemini Brothers feat Shahin Badar Photo by Skint Records

Ionut and Razvan are actual twins who count musical dons like Andrew Weatherall, Ewan Pearson and Psychemagik amongst their fans. They release on an assured array of labels like Glenview and Bearfunk and imbue their cuts with slap-funk percussive patterns and psychedelic tropes that never fail to stand out.

The scintillating ‘Thessali Noir’ kicks things off in broody fashion with low-slung drums and a moody vocal from Essex born, but globally acclaimed singer Shahin Badar. Badar has previously sung on classics like Prodigy’s ‘Smack My Bitch Up’ and was given a double Platinum award for her efforts, as well as having performed with the likes of 50 Cent and at festivals and clubs around the world. Her contribution here is a perfect marriage with the Gemini Borthers’ production on a track that is sombre and atmospheric with rugged bass riffs that will cast real spells on the ‘floor and a haunting middle Eastern melody that gets into your head.

Acid house veteran and macho disco man Justin Robertson then assumes his Deadstock 33s guise and flips the cut into something wild and wonderful, with expansive arps and squelchy globular synths all adding to the sense of controlled disco chaos.

A second standout original is ‘Say It’, which is a punchy and noir affair with haunted and withering synths, creepy chords and ghoulish vibes all snaking around a slithering drum line that is physical and forceful.  Last of all, the excellent ‘Experienced’ marries big indie licks, psychedelic guitars and meandering synth lines into a synapse firing and perfectly frazzled peak time disco bomb. FLVN remixes with his usual style apocalyptic and creates something just as essential for a digital bonus track.

Gemini Brothers feat Shahin Badar - Thessali Noir
Release Date 28th October 2016
Label Skint Records

1. Thessali Noir feat Shahin Badar (Original Mix)
2. Thessali Noir feat Shahin Badar (Justin Robertson’s Deadstock 33s)
3. Say It
4. Experienced
5. Thessali Noir (FLVN Remix) - Digital Exclusive

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